5 Easy Ways to Boost Your Car’s Value

1. Regular Washing/Maintenance

The best way to maximise your cars value is to keep it in the best condition possible. Regular washing is by far the easiest way to do this or you can use a service like our Maintenance Wash Program, where we do the hard work for you. Regular washing in a correct manner ensures the surface of paint remains in fantastic condition, free of contaminants. These contaminants can damage the surface of your paint but have the effect of reducing its lustre or shine, detracting from the overall look of your car.

2. Protection

A properly protected car is a good-looking car and is a car of maximum value. Just like sunscreen for our skin, our harsh sun, amongst other things, will absolutely destroy the surface of your car if left unprotected. Like our skin, if left unprotected, the surface will begin to peel away. It’s so important to ensure your car has an adequate, quality layer of protection covering it.

Protection comes in the form of a wax, a sealant or a ceramic coating.

Carnauba Wax – Sourced from the fonds of the Brazilian Carnauba tree. Due to its cost, is often a blend of Carnauba Wax and other man-made substances. These waxes diminish with every wash and exposure to the environment, lasting between 1-4mths, depending on the quality and percentage of carnauba used.

Sealants – Very similar to a wax but completely man made. The synthetic polymers and resins bond very well to the paint meaning a long durability, again depending on quality, of between 3-6mths.

Ceramic Paint Protection – With advancements in nano technology mean that now we have access to products that can provide protection for years, not months. Ceramic Paint Protection is made up of some very technical chemistry and is applied as a liquid before reacting with oxygen to crystallise and form a layer of quartz over the paint work. Once cured, an extremely strong bond is formed for ultimate durability with 3+ years not being at all uncommon. Resistance to chemicals, bird/bat poo, fine swirl marks and wash marring and ease of maintenance all benefits and characteristics of quality ceramic paint protection.

3. Headlights

Having headlights that have oxidised and gone yellow, cloudy and foggy look really unappealing. A simple headlight restoration can dramatically boost the value of your car and also visually enhance it beyond belief. In some cases, if left for too long, they can’t be saved, but more often than not we can restore them to their former glory and you’ll be amazed at the difference. Not only will they look great but from a safety point of view they will project more light onto the road at night, improving your vision in the dark.

4. Give It A House

Car’s that are kept in a garage or at least under cover, fair far better than their unlucky friends that have to live outside or on the street. The environment and things in it will have a detrimental effect on the condition and look of your car, seriously effecting its value. These things include

Sun – The sun, as beautiful as it is, will destroy your car. Over time, the harsh UV rays are like a lightning bolt to the molecules that make up the surface of your car. The molecules slowly lose their bonds over time and your paint will begin to look dull, lose its shine and vibrancy. Eventually the clear coat of your car will fail and peel off, in the same way your skin peels after being sun burnt.

Brake & Rail Dust – there is metal in the dust created when a car’s brakes are applied and dust from a trains wheels grinding along the tracks. These ‘ferrous’ particles start to bond to the paint after having settled on the surface of your car and then begin to corrode, damaging the cars clear coat.

Sea (Salt) Air – The air that comes off the ocean contains salt. You often see the salt air on a windy afternoon near the beach. Salt is a corrosive containing sodium chloride, calcium chloride and magnesium chloride. When these bad boys are stuck to your car and mix with moisture from the air they begin to corrode and eat away at any protective layers they are attached to. Live near the beach? Wash your car regularly and keep it in a garage.

Bird/Bat Poo – Bat Poo and to a slightly lesser extent bird poo can be highly acidic. In the case of Bat Poo, the bats love to eat fruit, which then ferments and becomes highly concentrated. When they decide to drop a BPB (Bat Poo Bomb) on your car, they are effectively dropping acid. It will immediately begin to eat away at the surface of your paint. Left too long, this will result in it eating and etching the clear coat of your car; which the only way of fixing is to be resprayed/repainted.

5. Pre-Sale Detail

If you aren’t so inclined to look after your car as well as you should, or you’ve done a fairly good job but want that bit extra, then we have a quality, affordable Presale Detail Package. Designed to minimise your outlay yet have a great return-on-investment, make your car look great, increase its resale value and make for an easier sale process. In a used car market that is absolutely flooded with cars just like yours. It’s imperative that you make it stand out by thoroughly cleaning and detailing every inch of the interior, engine bay and exterior. You won’t only increase your sale price, you’ll also make it far easier to sell because it will look far better than other cars.

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