HDD 5 Stage Wash Procedure

Washing cars is more often than not considered something that’s easy to do. Anyone can do it! Right?  Maybe.  Actually, anyone CAN just WASH a car.  But can they CARE for it? Incorrect washing is the number one cause of swirl marks and washes marring, damaging the paint and destroying the finish.  CARING for your car takes a little more time and knowledge and of course, the correct, high-quality products. Once you have the right tools for the job and know the correct procedure, you’ll be washing your car like the PRO’s and spending far less time doing it!  We’ve outlined the HDD 5 Stage Wash Procedure below.

The 5 Stages are:

  1. Wheel Cleaning
  2. Pre-Soak/Foaming
  3. Washing/Rinsing
  4. Drying
  5. Tyres Shining

For best results, to save yourself time and make the job easier and safer (on your paint), you MUST use a pressure washer. Trust us and thank us later. Also, remember to only wash your car when it is cool to touch. Wash in the shade, early morning or late afternoon.

Wheel Cleaning

car cleaning 5 stage wash procedure

Clean wheels make the car.  Ensuring these are always clean can stop brake dust bonding to the wheel and pitting the surface with tiny black dots. Using a product like WHEELY CLEAN ensures that every time you clean the wheels, you are breaking down the brake dust, resulting in wheels that always look new.

Simply spray it on, wait a couple of minutes and pressure rinse off. Now you can go ahead and wash the wheels with a dedicated DIRTY DEEDS wheel cloth and WHEEL BUCKET half-filled with water and NANOLICIOUS WASH. Only use your wheel cloth on the wheels. Your wheels are probably the dirtiest part of the exterior and you NEVER want to use it on the paint.


Foaming your car prior to washing is a MUST.  The special surfactants in SNOW JOB, break down and soften dirt and grime, allowing you to pressure rinse the bulk of them away before washing the car. You’ll also need the SNOW BLOW cannon to get the absolute best, thickest foam EVER! Fill it with water to the indicated line and the rest with Snow Job and spray away! You should use half of the mixture in the PRE-SOAK.


Seems easy!  Well, there are a few tricks.  Firstly, you want to foam the car again.  This becomes your WASH suds. Now, make sure you have a high-quality, soft, microfibre wash mitt.  We love the SHAGTASTIC WASH PAD.  It’s a soft foam completely wrapped in microfibre strands that soaks up soap and suds and allows dirt to fall into the fibres rather than sitting on top (scratching the paint). You’ll also want a RINSE BUCKET full of nice, clean, freshwater.  When rinsing the mitt, the fibres allow the dirt to fall away, leaving it clean for the next section/panel. NEVER wash in circles.  Always wash in straight lines, following and caressing the contours of the car. Start from the top and work your way down to the lower dirtier sections and the rear of the car last. Remember to RINSE your mitt out after each section to ensure you are always working with a clean mitt.


The BIG GREEN SUCKER is THE BEST drying towel you will ever own.  Used in combination with BOSS GLOSS you will dry your car in half (may more than half) the time you usually take.  We like to give our towel a good wetting first, wring it out, then spray it 5-6 times each side with Boss Gloss.  Start drying the glass first and then lightly mist each panel with Boss Gloss as you dry. As with washing, always dry in straight lines following the lines and contours of each panel.

Tyre Shining

The art of dressing and shining the tyres is one that so many people and businesses fail on.  The most common and by far the biggest mistake we see is to use silicon or silicon-based tyre shine. These are usually cheap. Ever had your car cleaned, serviced or tyres changed, only to drive home to find black spots splattered up the side of your car?  That is a result of Silicone ‘FLINGING’ everywhere, making an absolute pig of itself.  Next time spend a little more $$$ or your tyres shine.  TYRE SHEEN is water-based, non-silicone dressing that will ‘dry’ once applied, leaving a smooth, non-greasy, satin finish that will stay put and not end up all over your car.  The other mistake is NOT drying our wheels and tyres. This has the same effect of ‘flinging’ the product everywhere.  Dry the wheel and tyre with a microfibre cloth that you will now only use for this job. Use an applicator pad and spray the Tyre Sheen into it and then wipe around the sidewall of the tyre.  You’ll get a better, more even finish.

Throw out SPONGES & OLD STYLE SYNTHETIC CHAMOIS. They suck and will destroy your paint!

*We are not in any way endorsed or paid to promote Bowden’s Own products (Would be great if we were). We use them because they are High-Quality, Australian Owned, Australian Made and they work! Plus, we like to support the local guys before sending our money overseas.

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