5 Ways to Keep Your Car Cleaner for Longer

1. Don’t Drive it!

This option isn’t favourable but give us a minute. If you’ve got a special car that you absolutely love, like a weekend cruiser, a show car or something you value very highly that isn’t driven all that often, the best way to keep it cleaner for longer is to not drive it….in terrible weather conditions. Many people we know take this approach. If it’s looking like rain, or rain/storms are predicted, they simply put off driving their car. This is especially necessary to avoid the underside of the car (hardest to get access to clean) getting extremely dirty.

2. Deception

If you know that your car is dirty, yet it still looks reasonably clean, there is a little trick you can do to make it look fresh and it’s as simple as applying a new coating of tyre sheen to your tyres. It really does have the effect of making your car look clean(er).

3. Don’t Park Under Tree’s, Powerlines etc.

Keeping your car cleaner for longer requires some careful thinking and planning when it comes to parking. Think about it! What generally likes to perch itself high on a tree, lamp pole, power line, overhang or the like? Birds and/or bats. And more often than not they are highly trained in the art of spotting a clean car and even more highly skilled in the direct bombing of it. Also, some trees are prone to dripping sap. If this lands on the car, it can make an awful, hard to remove mess and in some case (like bird/bat poo) can damage the clear coat of your paint. So be mindful and don’t park under or even near these!

4. Waxes and Sealants

Not only do waxes and sealants protect your car and add depth, gloss and shine to the paintwork they also can help to keep it clean. A wax/sealant will make the surface slippery and with this dirt finds it harder to stick to it. That being said, wax/sealants can also have the opposite effect as they tend to attract static which then makes the dirt stick to it.

5. Ceramic Paint Protection

Without a doubt, the best way to keep your car cleaner for longer is to have a ceramic coating applied to the paintwork. There are many other benefits, including, chemical resistance to bird poo, bat poo, tree sap, road tar etc. but apart from making your car super easy to clean and maintain, one its main benefit is how much it helps to keep your car clean between washes. Our Ceramic Coating is the latest nano technology and with the recent advances it is highly anti-static and extremely hydrophobic and hydrophilic. What the heck does that even mean? Unlike a wax/sealant that will become static and attract dirt and dust, the ceramic coating technology has been refined, tweaked and developed to be very anti-static. Hydrophobic and hydrophilic are terms used to describe how water reacts when it hits or lands on the surface of the car. Hydrophilic means that water ‘sheets’ or runs off the car easily. Incredibly, a car coating in our ceramic coating can be dried with the use of water from a hose. Hydrophobic results in water beading, where little droplets form on the surface. These droplets encapsulate dirt and drag it off the car when they run off and keep your car looking clean.

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