What Soap Can Be Used To Wash My Car?

We get asked this question a lot, and we also see plenty of evidence when we’re out and about that would indicate that the WRONG soaps are being used to wash cars.

To the untrained lay person, you just need something sudsy with cleaning power. The first and most popular choice we see amongst the plethora of uneducated car washers is good old dish washing liquid. I guess we can forgive you for thinking this is an acceptable choice, after all, it cleans your dishes so well! The next in line are your cheap ‘Wash & Waxes’ that you can find in most automotive retail shops. Just like the dish washing liquids, these cheap wash soaps all have one thing in common. They all contain varying levels of harsh sodiums (aka salt) and sulphonic acids, which gives them the suds and cleaning power.

Both do the trick when it comes to cleaning the dirt and grime from your car, but they do so at a cost. While removing the unsightly, unwanted dirt, they also remove the protective waxes or sealants from your paint. With your car being subject to the sun, day in, day out and it’s harmful UV rays, you want as much protection on your car as possible to stop it looking dull, fading and oxidising.

How much is your wife paying for quality Shampoo and Conditioners that doesn’t strip the essential oils from her hair and keep it looking stunning? We’ll wait while you go ask… Chances are it’s a heck of a lot more than you thought or knew about. In the same way, you need a good quality car wash gel/shampoo/soap, that won’t strip its protection but will instead amplify it and help to maintain that gloss and shine that you so dearly love.

Constant washing with cheap products is putting your car to a slow and painful death. Slowing striping away it’s protection and making it susceptible to the elements. By using the correct products and building up the layers of protection every wash, rather than removing them, you can be sure that your car will remain protected. If you spend a little more on your wash products and care for and maintain your car correctly. You can spend a lot less (with us) on paint correction/machine polishing to restore the paint to how it should look.

A good quality car wash gel or shampoo should be pH neutral. That means it is not acidic nor alkaline. It’s a happy medium. Good quality soaps also don’t contain all of those cheap, nasty corrosive sodiums (salts), that we touched on earlier, which is why they are more expensive. They use better, safer ingredients.

Ask yourself this. Is it easier to spend a few extra dollars on a nice, gentle, quality soap or to spend big $$$ a new car once this ones destroyed? It’s a pretty simple question and your money is better spent on other things, rather than replacing your car every couple of years.

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