Why Paint Correction?

Transform your car and make it look like new again. We source the latest, highest quality automotive refinishing products to smooth out the swirl marks, wash marring, and minor scratches on your car and get it sparkling again.

Highest Quality Paint Correction Services

Is your car looking dull, lacking colour, depth, and gloss? Do you take your car to the local car wash cafe? If so, you, like many, many others, will be in need of and benefit from one of our paint correction procedures.

Many common defects associated with paintwork are caused by poor and incorrect wash techniques. Often found at every local car wash cafe or from the use of sponges and synthetic chamois.

Paint Correction is a professional term for the machine polishing of paintwork. By machine polishing the surface, we are leveling or smoothing out the swirl marks, wash marring, holograms and in some cases, we can even remove scratches.

Paint Correction
Due to the varying shapes, sizes & conditions of cars and paintwork, an inspection is needed to provide you with a quote.
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Benefits of Professional Paint Correction

Save Yourself Hassle

We have the correct tools and products.

Increase Value

Make your car look like new again.

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We can come to you, home or office.

Impress Everyone

Have one of the best looking cars around

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