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Is your car lacking colour, depth, and gloss? Do you often take it to the local car wash but wonder why it still lacks the gloss and doesn’t feel fresh?

Our paint correction solves this problem once and for all.

Paint Correction is a professional technique using machine polishing to enhance paintwork. By machine polishing the surface, your car will be without swirl marks, wash marring, holograms, and in some cases, we can even remove scratches.

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  • “High Definition Detail is the highest level of care your car can get. They are a team of professionals who pay high attention to details. My car looks AMAZING 365 days a year thanks to their high standard service.”

    Ron Kaplan

  • “The team at HDD have done two of my cars now and I’m amazed at not only the outcome but the continued ease of cleaning from the ceramic paint protection they applied as well. Literally just a pressure wash and the car looks near perfect! I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them at all and do regularly to my friends and family.”

    Lloyd Godfrey

  • “I would recommend Andrew and the team at High Definition Detail to anyone who wants to keep their car in showroom condition. They are professional, personable and dedicated to providing the best service possible. Best car detailing in Sydney. Thank you HDD.”

    Howard Gooda

  • “I have a black Audi A4 which had some pretty significant scratches. Andrew did an awesome job and has restored the paintwork to as good as new. Outstanding work and professionally executed! I couldn’t be happier.”

    Eddie Kuzoe

  • “Thank you Andy and the team at High Definition Detail. Courteous, straight to the point, quick and the best thing is how much its bought to life our car. Kids can be brutal, and HDD have returned it looking great!”

    Wes Doyle

  • “Andrew was outstanding from my initial enquiry through to getting the job done on the day. We had a tricky garage for space and it didn’t bother him in the slightest, such a trooper, really appreciate it. It was such a delight having him detail my car for sale and I’ve already referred him on.”

    Rebecca Mason


    New Car Paint Correction

    • Restores paintwork to new
    • Remove swirl marks and other imperfections
    • Increase shine and lustre


    What is ‘paint correction’?

    Paint Correction is the correct and professional term used to describe polishing paintwork. People often refer to a ‘cut and polish’ which in professional terms would be called a multi stage correction. Polishing the car a number of times to achieve the desired result.

    Won’t polishing my paintwork with a machine scratch and mark the paint?

    No. This is a common concern and a myth brought about by incorrect technique and use of the machine and polishing products.

    Can I hand polish my car?

    You can, however. Once you finish a quarter of the bonnet, your arm and shoulder will be screaming and you definitely won’t give the rest of the car the same attention as that feeling gets worse. Your arm/hand can not achieve the RPM that a machine can, which reduces the effectiveness of the polish and can actually leave your car with hazing, looking worse.

    Polishing with a machine allows a consistent speed and pressure over the entire surface with reduced body fatigue, allowing incredible results when done professionally.

    The car wash charges ‘X’ for polishing. You are very expensive! Why?

    The car wash is going to spend maybe 30 minutes washing and polishing your car. This is not even close to enough time to polish it properly or even prepare it ready for polishing. They’ll probably splatter polish everywhere, run the polisher over plastic trim staining it and leave holograms and marring in the paint because they haven’t refined or finished down the polishing.

    We will first wash and dry your car. Then chemically and mechanically decontaminate the paint to remove all contamination and things stuck to the paint. We’ll wash and dry it again to remove those residues. After washing we then tape/mask up all plastic/rubber trim so we don’t get polish on them. We will measure the depth of the paint on every panel to ensure safe polishing. We polish 40cm x 40cm section of paint at a time, which is vital to break down all of the abrasives in the polish to leave a clear finish. We then do a panel wipe to remove any polishing residues from the paint before applying a ceramic sealant to provide gloss and protection.

    Protect and enhance your car today with the kind of gloss that will turn heads!

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